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Pharmacy Delivery

Saba Medical Center is one of the most prestigious and trusted hospitals in Abu Dhabi, popular for compassion, care and cure. But another salient feature of Saba Medical is the customized medication management system. We’re here when the patients need us the most.



When placing an order, First, contact our Saba Pharmacy Team through phone call at +971 2 552 3200 | +971 56 8550897 or email us at pharmacy@sabamedicalcenter.com


The wellness is at your fingertips, just place the order through mobile and avail prompt and perfect pharmacy delivery service. On-demand, it is included as a part of the comprehensive medication management program. It is good news, especially for those taking multiple medications for one or more chronic conditions. 


Getting your medicines correctly is a real challenge, more so when you buy them from a brick-and-mortar store. But we make the process much easier. Your medication is presorted into a single package, organized by day and the time and delivered right to your door with clear instructions for taking them correctly. Importantly, we use an advanced technology system to make sure that your prescription is filled rightly without any error. 


So, the patients have the confidence that they’re getting the right medications and dosages. This surely reduces the risk of adverse medicine reactions and hospitalization. Our robust dispensing system offers greater efficiency in pharmacy delivery. We supply high-quality medicine at competitive prices. 


We completely focus on the patients’ clinical needs. The delivery process generates potential savings for the buyers. Unused prescription drugs become a form of medical waste having serious health, environmental and financial consequences. But delivery in the correct amount and dosage reduces this risk. Our customized medication management system saves you money as you pay only for the medicines you use.    


When you add up the benefits of medications’ home delivery – greater efficiency, more accuracy, minimum pharmaceutical errors and less medication waste, it is a great way to control your overall healthcare costs. 


Partner with Saba Pharmacy today as it is the place where you get what you need for a healthy life. Our prompt and precise service is more helpful for the mobility-challenged persons, the elderly or those struggling with various chronic ailments. 


We understand that in such cases, some patients simply forego the medication and that can have a devastating consequence. 


Contact us and get your prescription in a reasonable time right at your doorstep. From saving money to safety, our customized medication management system delivers multiple benefits.


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